Start something in Calgary, At My Locksmith Calgary, we  offer solutions for Duplicate Car Key , Clone, Program any Car Keys with Fast and Same Day Car Key Replacement Services in Calgary.

When you are looking to hire a locksmith for a car key replacement the best way to find one is to search online for “car key cutting near me”. If you lost your vehicle key we can help you. We are professional and expert car locksmiths that have made keys for over 10 years.

My Locksmith Calgary offers the top automotive locksmith in Calgary. Our auto locksmith has the proper locksmith tools to pop a lock and unlock your door without any demange, also we have the latest key cutting devices. Our Key duplication service is ready to make keys for any car model and any year.

Same Day and emergency key maker nearby Calgary surrounding areas – call today (587) 840-6298


Car Key Maker – car key replacement in Calgary Types of car keys:

Modern car keys are not merely a simple piece of metal that you can easily get cut at any self service kiosk in the mall. They are complex pieces of electronical equipment. programmed to work with your particular vehicle’s security system. And they usually require a transponder chip to be programmed new with the key.

To get a duplicate car key, it is required to have a working original key. Our certified technicians can get the right key the first time.
using the correct materials and cutting techniques for your make and model.

Having a duplicate car key handy can save you time and trouble in the future. Never again find yourself stuck because you’ve misplaced or lost your car key. Keep a duplicate handy in your car safe or bank deposit box, just in case of emergency.


No matter why you need to replace the keys, we can help. 1 Response can replicate and replace traditional keys, transponder keys, smart keys, key FOB, and intelligent keys from almost any car manufacturer. We service most makes and models including Hondas, Toyotas, Chevys, Fords, Dodges, Nissans, Chryslers and Acuras, among many others.

We guarantee every key we make. It’s our most important service. Without a well-made key, you can’t get into your car. Without a properly programmed smart key, you won’t get into your truck.

Our job is to get you back into your car and headed down the road with a fresh set of keys. Just give us a call (587) 333-0574, and we’ll be there shortly.

You’re not sure who has a set of keys and you want to protect your car.



Losing your car keys never happens at a convenient time. Having the transponder chip stop working isn’t any better. That’s why we offer emergency car key services. 

It doesn’t matter if it is in the middle of the day, during the night. over the weekend, or on a holiday. We have a locksmith on call at all times, day or night. When you call (587) 333-0574, we will answer.

When you call, it helps if you have some information available.


For vehicles that have a smart key, transponder key, or intelligent key, the VIN number is the first piece to programming a new key. The chips within the keys talk with the car’s computer. If the key doesn’t have the proper credentials, it won’t work.

We carry the diagnostic and programming equipment that allow us to program any high-tech key on the market in just a few minutes. You can test the keys to make sure they work properly before we leave. If there’re any problems with the keys in the future, give us a call (587) 333-0574.

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