Our number one priority is to get you back on your daily schedule as soon as possible and we will assist you with any lock and key problems you may be having. 

Locksmith Near Me- Serving Customers Throughout Calgary

We provide emergency locksmith services 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have mobile locksmiths working from 8:00Am to 8:00Pm, Monday through Sunday. We pride ourselves on being one of the most affordable and efficient companies in the business and we guarantee that all of our technicians are experts, fully trained and insured. All of our technicians are trained to help you with emergency lockouts, residential, automotive or commercial, they are equipped with the latest tools and familiar with all of the modern techniques.

My Locksmith Calgary is a trusted choice, regardless of the locksmith emergency you are experiencing at any

time of the day, you can remain calm, knowing that our professional technicians are just one call away (587) 333-0574.

Your security is our top priority and we understand how important is to get the job done ASAP. We work fast, but that does not affect the quality of our service, we will always try to find the most efficient solution to your problem and we perform our services at the highest standards.

Your satisfaction is our goal. We want you to be sure that you can call us at any time of the day or night, and our friendly and reliable technician will be there. We don’t make the difference between the auto, residential and commercial locksmith problems, we understand that all key and lock problems are frustrating and can be dangerous too, that is why we are determent in solving problem fastly and efficiently, leaving you to continue your day knowing that you and your possessions are safe again.


My Locksmith Calgary has been the go-to locksmith in Calgary for years. Our local customers have relied on us as an emergency locksmith. We can respond to all kinds of lockout situations. Whether you’re locked out of your home, your business, or your car, we can help you get back in quickly. We’re a 24 hour locksmith company, so you can depend on us to offer our services no matter how late it is and what day of the week it might be. Below are just some of the reasons to call our locksmith company for any lock, key, or security needs you may have. 

  • Local locksmith company owned and operated in Calgary, AB.

  • Best locksmithing service prices in your area- we’re competitive!

  • Trusted technicians with years of experience. 

  • Same-Day lock, key, and security solutions.

  • Top Rated security services for your home, office, and vehicles. 

  • #1 company in your area for door locks, lockouts, security locks, and more. 

  • Licensed technicians, who can pick locks and not just destroy your property. 

  • Insured employees, for your peace of mind. 

  • Nearby your home, office, or vehicle, no matter where you are located in St. Louis. 

  • Closest 24 hour company to help with lockouts or emergencies. 

  • Fast lock repair, installation, and replacements

  • Mobile techs with fully stocked work vans. 

  • The service call charge is only $15 (on top of the repair charge)

  • Affordable pricing and warrantied locks, keys, and products**. 

Call My Locksmith Calgary For Any Locksmith Services or Emergency Locksmith Needs
Call My Locksmith Calgary For Any Locksmith Services or Emergency Locksmith Needs (1)



RESIDENTIAL LOCKSMITH: Services for CALGARY​ homes, houses, and residences

When you need a Residential Locksmith in Calgary for your home, you are not just looking for someone to fix your locks but also someone you can trust. At Locksmith Calgary, we give you our guarantee of efficient work carried out by trustworthy employees. There is no more need to stress and worry if you are locked out of your home. give us a call (587) 333-0574, and we’ll be right there. Our team of fully trained employees has one of the quickest response times in town because of our carefully planned setup. We have all our equipment with us and get the job done then and there. No more waiting for a new lock to arrive or for a special tool to extract a broken key. Whether you need locks for a new home or change the locks on the home you already live in, we have you covered. No matter what kind of locks you would like to have installed, we will be able to do it for you. We work with different types of doors and ensure that your locks are installed securely. Enjoy your peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and secure with good quality locks that have been fitted properly by an Locksmith Calgary. Has your lock suffered some damage? Heavy impact, a break-in attempt or just plain age can make locks weak or broken. We do all types of lock repairs to restore your locks to their full function. We can save you the costs of buying new locks by repairing old locks wherever possible. We would be happy to give you a consultation and let you know if repairing your lock is the best option. If it is, we will go right ahead and do the repairs. Your locks will be as good as new once we have worked on it. We can rekey old and worn-down locks. All we need is the key to the lock, and we’re good to go. We have the expertise and the equipment to take old locks that don’t work anymore and fix them so that you can still use the old key with it. Rekeying works out cheaper than buying new locks and can also save time on installation. If you think that your locks could use rekeying, then give us a call (587) 333-0574, and we will gladly come and check them for you. After checking the locks, we will have a better idea of whether or not rekeying is the best option for you.

Residential Locksmith Calgary My Locksmith Calgary 587 333-0574

Your satisfaction is our goal. We want you to be sure that you can call us at any time of the day or night, and our friendly and reliable technician will be there. We don’t make the difference between the auto, residential and commercial locksmith problems, we understand that all key and lock problems are frustrating and can be dangerous too, that is why we are determent in solving problem fastly and efficiently, leaving you to continue your day knowing that you and your possessions are safe again.



Commercial Locksmith Calgary My Locksmith Calgary 587 333-0574

We have a team of trained locksmiths that will not only provide solutions to all your security needs but will answer any questions you have about locking systems. We have built a reputation as trusted Commercial Locksmiths in Calgary, on efficiency and trust. Our services will present you with the peace of mind to sleep well at night knowing that your workspace is protected. Our commercial locksmith services in Calgary Under our commercial locksmith services, we offer a range of services for commercial establishments. Whether you have a retail store and office space or a salon and spa, we make sure that you can lock it up tight at night.

If you are setting up a new commercial space, you will need several locks in place to ensure that every section is secured. We install the best locks for workspaces in Calgary. If there is a need to replace your old locks, we would be happy to install new locks for you and also advise you on what types of locks best suit your setup. As commercial locksmiths in Calgary, we provide some of the best lock installation services in the city.

If the locks at your commercial establishment don’t work well or need servicing, call Locksmith Calgary. We will come to your commercial setup in Calgary without delay and repair any locks that need our services. Your locks will work as good as new once one of our locksmiths have had a go at them. You will not only be able to secure your premises once again, but you would have also saved money on buying and installing new locks.


Car LOCKSMITH: lost keys, locked out of car, key duplication

Although you may be tempted to check online to program your own key fob, it is impossible to do. Every car requires its own programming technique and you need the right instructions for programming, which you are unlikely to find on the internet.

Only a licensed Calgary Car Locksmith service such as Lock and Key Expert can carry out programming and resolve the problem. We offer competitive prices and our automotive locksmith experience spans a breadth of vehicle makes and models. Our technicians are proficient in old and new vehicle models, so you can call us with full confidence.

Car Locksmith Calgary My Locksmith Calgary 587 333-0574

Car key technology has evolved over the years. Car manufacturers have moved to keyless entry, advanced key, adaptive remote start, comfort access/display. key and many more brand-specific authorization systems. A professional auto locksmith will be well skilled with regular and advanced key set-ups to cater to a broader marketplace of vehicle owners.

Locksmith Calgary is among the Calgary auto locksmiths with comprehensive knowledge of vehicle key systems, ignition switch repair, copy keys, transponder key programming and different types of lockouts. Whether you need assistance with special keys, a replacement set or urgent support, we’re here for you.

Don’t let emergency situations bog you down. Place a call to Locksmith Calgary to manage your car key requirements reliably and cost-effectively (587) 605-4189.


EMERGENCY LOCKSMITH: service during nights, weekends, and holidays

My Locksmith Calgary is a locksmith service in Calgary. We are a locally owned and run business and have become a trusted name among our customers. Our quick response times and high quality of services are making us one of the top Emergency Locksmith Service in Calgary. For all your emergency locksmith needs, we are your go-to locksmiths.

Established with the mission of providing quick and efficient locksmith services to the residents of Calgary, we have upheld our end of the deal. Several years into our journey, we continue to provide only the best lock and key repair, replacement, and reprogramming services. We have kept up to date with the changing face of security systems and have upgraded our services to meet innovations accordingly.

We at Locksmith Calgary are happy to inform our customers that we also have emergency locksmith services. You can now reach us twelve hours a day, seven days per week,  in case of an emergency, and we will be there to help. All Residential locksmith services are covered for you. Residents of Calgary can now count on us to be there when no one else will come to help you out in a tight situation.

Emergency Locksmith Calgary My Locksmith Calgary 587 333-0574


CAR KEY REPLACEMENT: key duplication, key fob programming and replacement

Car Key Replacement Calgary My Locksmith Calgary 587 333-0574

Even though you can get your car or motorcycle keys replaced from your dealership, it takes way too much time for the replacement to come in. The replacement is also costly, and you need to take the automobile to the dealership to be able to get a replacement.

Our Car Key Replacement services, At My Locksmith Calgary offers key cutting services at competitive prices. We do not believe in charging you more than the job requires, and our services are lightning-fast.

Be it your motorcycle keys, semi-truck keys, boat keys, or car keys, our expert locksmiths are trained to cut even the most technologically advanced set of keys. They can quickly analyze the type of key they are dealing with. Even high-security keys, such as programmed keys, can be cut by our highly trained locksmiths.


Locksmith Calgary is a licensed locksmith that cares about the safety and welfare of its staff. We are appropriately bonded to protect the integrity and commercial interest of our company.

We are also insured to withstand any losses to our business. Our insurance policies reflect our commitment to safeguarding our employees’ financial interest in the event of unfortunate, unforeseeable on-the-job incidents.

We provide a warranty for our products and workmanship. When you engage our company, you are assured the highest level of professionalism. We’re here for the long run and work tirelessly to maintain our goodwill in the community.

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